UI/UX Designer

Stephen Bay Jr

I am a User Interface/User Experience designer who can help your digital product succeed, as I have with companies such as Brinks and BioCare.

What can I do for your company?

My services will assist your company in achieving success by creating an exceptional product that caters to users' needs!


Low Fidelity Wireframes

They maybe simple, but low-fidelity wireframes are quick and easy to create, allowing us to rapidly refine your product's basic structure and functionality.


High Fidelity Wireframes

High Fidelity wireframes will help convey design and interactivity to stakeholders, developers, and clients. Detailed icons, color schemes, and graphics provide a better understanding of product functionality.


Style Guides

Style guides help maintain a consistent and recognizable brand identity. They reduce the time spent making mistakes by executing the implementation of a product's design more efficient with an easy-to-use library of fonts, colors, and other UI elements.



Sitemaps can aid in creating easy-to-use navigation, enabling designers and developers to comprehend the site's structure and identify any missing, redundant, or misplaced pages.

Ready to Start Creating?


Just tell me what you're envisioning, and lets make it a reality. I know starting a website or redesigning can be hard but I'm here to make it smooth. I'll be there from start to finish to help create exactly what you want.

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