HMN Podcast Case Study

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HMN Podcast Case Study


Scream and Laugh

Horror Movie Night is a podcast about the worst of the worst in horror movies. Each week the gang of three; Matthew, Scott, and Brian sit through and narrate some of the weirdest and wackiest scary movies they can find.

HMN Podcast Mobile Home

Context and Challenge

Time span: 5 weeks
Software: WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator
Challenge: New website displaying the gang's playful attitude towards bad horror films.

Main Goals:

  1. Drive listeners to the Episodes page for easy listening.
  2. Allow listeners to see the Patreon donation tiers.
  3. Give listeners access to Horror Movie Night's (HMN) many social media sites.

Sketch Wireframe

HMN's primary goal was to help the new user find episodes quickly.  With this as my focus, I made sure to include a "Listen Now" button immediately following the main banner and a visible link on the side menu.  It was also important to make the Patreon donation tiers noticeable.  To do this, I situated the tiers directly under the main banner.  Additionally, I placed the social media icons under the Patreon tiers and also included them in the footer.

The recent episodes section was dropped along with the social media icons in the side menu. HMN felt they weren't necessary after my final prototype.

HMN Podcast Case Study | Wireframe Sketch |

Mockup of the Home page

I illustrated an image of the gang as characters from their favorite movie, Monster Squad. They wanted a black background to give a scary setting, and we used horror movie posters to drive home the aesthetic.

HMN Podcast Case Study | Mockup