Mold Solutions Case Study

Mold Critter

Mold Solutions Case Study


Keeping your home and family safe from mold

Mold Solutions cares about the health of your family and strives to make a difference in your home by eliminating and preventing mold. They have a time-tested process that is effective in mold remediation and prevention.

Mold Solutoins Case Study

Context and Challenge

Time span: 8 weeks
Software: WordPress, Photoshop
Challenge: A website redesign that feels modern and makes it easy for customers to contact Mold Solutions.

Main Goals:

  1. Make it easier for users to call or contact Mold Solutions.
  2. Mold Solutions wanted their site to have a modern look.
  3. Show users the process of how Mold Solutions works.

Wireframe Sketch

I started with making Mold Solutions' phone number available in multiple locations such as, on the header, main banner, and directly above the footer. Secondly, I gave the website a cleaner updated feel by making the information segments bigger and organizing the hierarchy within them.  This update would help the user scan the home page faster. Last, I put the Mold Solutions' process directly below the main banner.

Mold Solutions Wireframe Sketch

Home Page Mockup

To give Mold Solutions a modern design and more flare, I gave the site a lot of hard sharp angles to match the mouth and shape of their little mold critter.

Chicago Mold Solutions Mockup